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Feb 11 - Feb 16 Berlin, Germany
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46 Y/O
5'7" - 167 cm
200 lbs - 90 kg
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Fully vaccinated
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12 Nov, 2012
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Escorte Gay | Modélisation | Expérience de petit ami
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English | Español | Français
Escorte Gay à Paris, France
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Mes détails

Disponible à Paris 1-10 février: derniers jours!

PLEASE READ ENTIRE AD BEFORE CONTACTING. For faster response text/Whatsapp only please (no calls). Please book/enquire in advance.

PLEASE NOTE! ABSOLUTELY NO: PNP/chemicals/poppers/fisting/urine/phlegm/scat/mucus/snot/blood/bodily harm/smoking.
THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE. I will only work in high-quality, hygienic, healthy, happy, relaxed, and empowering situations.

I am in a gap-year between graduate studies & PhD. I'm very selective about who I spend time with and you should be too. I prefer the company of respectful, honest, and kind high-caliber adults.

ME: Creative, highly educated, intelligent, sensitive, caring, multi-lingual, passionate, driven, goal-oriented, genuine, respectful, muscular, hairy, compact, thick, strong, & kind. Available for others seeking a quality connection. NO STIs, no drugs, HIV NEG.

Available for overnights/weekends/regulars/exclusive arrangements/International travel.
If you need a travel/adventure/fantasy honeymoon buddy, I'm your man.

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Mon Entretien

Chers Visiteurs du Rent.Men, Récemment ERICforHIRE a choisi de répondre aux 16 questions d’entretien et son entretien a été mis à jour pour la dernière fois le .

  • Racontez-nous la meilleure expérience que vous avez jamais eue.

    Amazing experiences: I spent time with the Guna (Kuna) Indians of the San Blas Islands on the east coast of Panama. They are the last indigenous tribe in Central America. I meditated with a group of young Buddhist monks at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I have seen the sunrise and sunset at the pyramids of Giza. I walked the bomb-scarred streets of Beirut and met truly kind and brave Lebanese. I have visited the oldest Mosque in The Maghreb at Kairouan and bonded with a very old fella who asked to adopt me as his son. I have had MANY intense experiences on my journeys. Some of them truly breathtaking and some of them truly heartbreaking. The world is amazing beyond words and sometimes when I am traveling and encounter something unbelievable it takes my breath away and sometimes brings a tear to my eyes. There is SO MUCH TO SEE and experience. The list of places I want to visit is endless. This world is AMAZING and I am in love with it. Over the next couple of years I plan on visiting Jordan, Egypt (again, a lot TO SEE), Iraq, and some of my family heritage places I have yet to visit: Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and Montenegro.

  • Racontez-nous un peu plus sur vous, si vous devriez choisir quelque chose que vous voudriez que les autres sachent absolument sur vous que serait-elle?

    There is a lot more than one thing. I work hard. I am a genuinely good person. I think intimacy is healthy and healing AND empowering and should be respected. I default to kindness and I truly feel honoured that I can share intimacy with others to the point it makes them happy, content, empowered, and with some moments of genuine appreciation, connection, and acceptance.

    I am lucky I can do this type of work. It is a great reward for me to know I can make someone feel renewed about who they are, their sexual empowerment, masculine energy, and reigniting virility. Sexual energy is very important for us men. It helps us age in a healthier way. It helps us understand our place in the cosmos, sometimes ignites questions around the meaning of our lives and pushes us to revisit the things we think make us happy.

  • Quels sont vos passe-temps, qu'est-ce que vous aimez faire dans votre temps libre?

    Read, paint, sleep, garden, travel, my studies, photography, go to vintage shops and antique stores, train hard in the gym. I follow design and the arts. And again, I love to travel. I am not interested in popular culture and the kardashianization of the world around us. It's making us dumber, more passive, and placated when we should be challenging the crap force-fed to us via hyper-commercialization. Take for example, popular music: it all sucks. It's corporate, formulaic, drivel. I have zero interest in gay culture. I find it too limiting and confining. There are some really amazing things outside of the gay bubble, and I prefer to exist outside of those confines. For me, connecting is the single most important and powerful part of intimacy.

    I sometimes think I am a man from a different time. I am a Stoic in the Grecco Roman tradition and enjoy deep thinking and philosophical discussion. I look at myself as a temporal gladiator. I keep my mind and body strong, agile, diverse, and in a constant state of challenge and growth. I appreciate classic beauty in all of its forms. I hope one day humans rediscover true classical beauty.

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