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Les entretiens exclusifs c'est quoi?

Apprendre à connaître un peu plus sur la personnalité et les préférences de l'escorte que vous êtes en train de regarder et que vous pouvez décider de contacter.

Seul RentMen donne à l'escorte et au masseur une option pour vous offrir un entretien personnel dans leurs propres mots afin que vous puissiez prendre une meilleure décision basée sur ce qu'ils disent sur eux-mêmes. Voir leur point de vue personnel, apprendre ce qu'ils pensent de son travail, ce qu'il font pendant leur temps libre et comment ils veulent que vous vous sentiez après avoir passé du temps ensemble.

Ces mecs sont infiniment plus que des photos et des descriptions - seulement RentMen vous donne la chance de découvrir des aspect d'eux, que vous pouvez trouver très intéressants! Apprendre à les connaître avant que vous appeler!

Mon Entretien

Chers visiteurs de RentMen, Récemment EliXXX a choisi de répondre aux 16 questions d’entretien et son entretien a été mis à jour le .

  • Racontez-nous la meilleure expérience que vous avez jamais eue.

    Being able to do what I do, Do it to the extreme, & Meeting the Best Guys in the World!!!

  • Qu'est-ce qui vous distingue de toutes les autres personnes que vous connaissez?

    There are Various things that distinguishes me from other guys in the Industry or out of the Industry but the main thing that stands out is my reiteration of that I do what I do not for the coin but the opportunity to meet men that are out of this world, generous not in money but in themselves for me to enjoy, & the respect they bring to the table.
    To be able to enjoy each other in the moment & the time to do so. I love multiple hour appointments so we don't have to rush and could really get to know one another. I love what I do because these experiences allow me to live a good life, accelerate in my academic career, but most of all gives me a chance in some circumstances to save fathers from being bottled up addicts like some dads are unfortunately because of homosexuality that can't be expressed. This gives them a chance to be in a private confidential environment to do so and I feel I can save a dad from being an abusive father to his family to a loving compassionate one at home.
    By the privacy I offer he can have the chance to feel comfortable to express what can't in his personal life to be shown with me. Thats Why I Do What I Do & Will Never Change It for Any PriceTag!!!

  • Que diriez-vous sont vos plus grands attributs et/ou spécialité/s/?

    My smile through my eyes that radiates through a room, my intense energy no matter the day, & reading people very well to see if they are in need, want a certain thing, and being in the moment of the Role I need to play if that is the game but never bringing a psuedogame to the table!!! Ohh ya and my insatiable hunger for more and leaving others with feeling on cloud 9 wanting more & me chasing them down to not leave!!!

  • Que faites-vous pour vous amuser?

    Love going for long walks in the park, going to museums, movies, and the gym. Well I should really say I love being out of the house and around people.

  • Quels sont vos passe-temps, qu'est-ce que vous aimez faire dans votre temps libre?

    I love love to have sex hehe and then go to the gym to ramp up my testosterone levels to have more sex...hehe def a sex addict but it is the best drug in the world.

  • Quel est ‘L'effort Supplémentaire’ que vous faites dans votre vie?

    I go the extra mile for my clients by doing what I would like other guys to do for me. Show me the best god damn time and always remain in the moment, you never know when the next one will come this is why I don't watch the clock. I am aware of the time but fucking hate to rush like its mechanical. Again as I always say "CONNECTION IS KEY" this is why i love extended sessions

  • Racontez-nous un peu plus sur vous, si vous devriez choisir quelque chose que vous voudriez que les autres sachent absolument sur vous que serait-elle?

    I'm a very passionate aggressive sensual romantic guy that loves foreplay and loves loves to kiss. Woof!!!

  • Quel régime alimentaire et de remise en forme suivez-vous?

    The food regiment I follow is pretty whatever I can get my hands on. I love chicken and cookies, lots and lots of cookies however I try to stay away from them lol. I go to the gym quite frequently since I do call it my temple or meditation palace because it keeps me centered or grounded.

  • Quelles sont les particularités de votre mode de vie qui fait de vous la personne que vous êtes?

    When I am not ing I am working on my website, talking with clients, setting up more business trips, working on my body, and going to school. I have a very demanding schedule and so wish we didn't need sleep and there were more hours in the day. Hehe...if I had it my way I would have sex all day long 24/7

  • Que voudriez-vous que vos lecteurs sashent sur vous qui est unique et même un peu personnel?

    Ooo tough question since I am an open book expecially after meeting me however I was born a Morman & am supporting my Mom & siblings as of right now. There is so much def call if you want to know more. I should write a book

  • Quelle est votre «Niche»?

    I love foreplay especially out at dinner and playing under the table. I am huge on pda and the romantic boyfriend experience. Can really get the blood pumping and fireworks in the bedroom will be so intense.

  • À quelle fréquence voyagiez-vous? Préférez-vous voyager ou êtes-vous plutôt casanier?

    If you know me or my ad, I do travel quite a bit and love to travel wherever the wind may blow me. I do go to chicago and houston once a month. Other then that wherever my services are needed. I wish I were two people sometimes because there isn't enough hours in the day and I am one horny person

  • Si nous nous asseyions sur la plage à boire du vin et à déguster des gourmandises juste toi et moi, que me dirais-tu de toi-même et de ta vie?

    First that I don't drink and have been sober from alcohol 3 years, but I would then tell you that I love to have fun wherever we are no matter what is happening around us and to watch out I may just molesterbate you when you least expect it.

  • Qu'est-ce que les autres devraient absolument savoir sur vous?

    A client should absolutely know about me is that I am super discrete, very passionate in and out of the bedroom, sincere, very high energy, nymphomaniac , and love to just live in the moment..and very very real. I don't like BS it smells

  • Qu'est-ce que vous aimez le plus chez vous?

    The thing that I enjoy most about ing is that I meet all types of guys that I wouldn't be able to meet in the first place on a day to day basis. I've always taken the care taker role and love to take care of my men however that may be and love it to the extreme.

  • Quelles sont les 5 choses dont vous ne pouvez pas vous passer?

    The 5 things I can't live without is the gym, my voice, my eyes, my cock, and ass.