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Les entretiens exclusifs c'est quoi?

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Seul RentMen donne à l'escorte et au masseur une option pour vous offrir un entretien personnel dans leurs propres mots afin que vous puissiez prendre une meilleure décision basée sur ce qu'ils disent sur eux-mêmes. Voir leur point de vue personnel, apprendre ce qu'ils pensent de son travail, ce qu'il font pendant leur temps libre et comment ils veulent que vous vous sentiez après avoir passé du temps ensemble.

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Mon Entretien

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  • Quel régime alimentaire et de remise en forme suivez-vous?

    I stick to organic foods and avoid deep fried or fast food. Really it's just about moderation, and make sure your hydrating well. For fitness I prefer activities rather than the gym. I like to bike, be outside, or just walk vs taking a car. Other than that I'd say dancing and acrobatic sex are what keep me in shape.

  • Racontez-nous un peu plus sur vous, si vous devriez choisir quelque chose que vous voudriez que les autres sachent absolument sur vous que serait-elle?

    I’m funny. Or at least I think that they’re laughing with me and not at me...

  • Quelles sont les particularités de votre mode de vie qui fait de vous la personne que vous êtes?

    I’m basically a free-spirit, creative type and my varied projects and commissions keep me busy, but with a flexible schedule where I get to call the shots. Who wouldn’t love to have that?

  • Quelles sont les 5 choses dont vous ne pouvez pas vous passer?

    Ice cream

    and then I suppose
    Air &

  • Qu'est-ce qui vous distingue de toutes les autres personnes que vous connaissez?

    I think that I stand out from the crowd because of my friendly energy that I put out in the world. You can say anything to me and it’s ok. I’ve heard just about everything at this point. Don’t believe me; try me. And even though I think that I’ve heard it all, I’m still curious to know what makes people tick, and not at all jaded and blasé about the world. There’s still so much to see and do!

  • Si nous nous asseyions sur la plage à boire du vin et à déguster des gourmandises juste toi et moi, que me dirais-tu de toi-même et de ta vie?

    I enjoy wine and all, but it’s a beach! Can’t we step it up a little? I make the most amazing margaritas around.

    Then I guess it won’t matter what I say about my life; you’ll be smitten with me just over my cocktails already. 😜

  • Quelle est votre «Niche»?

    I'm not sure that I can say just yet. I'm happy to meet each client and see what develops. Maybe call my 'niche' "Dapper Individuals seeking Carnal Konquests"... or "DICK"

    I'll see where that niche takes me for now I guess.

  • Que faites-vous pour vous amuser?

    Book an appointment with me and you'll see. But seriously, this job is fun! I like meeting and bonding with new people.

  • Quels sont vos passe-temps, qu'est-ce que vous aimez faire dans votre temps libre?

    I'm a man with many hobbies of creative natures. I paint abstracts, portraits, and murals quite a bit as a side hustle and a source of creative expression that I find is need to be whole and happy.

    I used to play music professionally in symphonic and other smaller ensembles (bassoon), but discovered that in doing something that I was truly passionate about for a soul source of income, that all joy would be driven out of the act.

    I cook and bake rather well I'm told and enjoy sharing meals I've prepared with anyone that'll be willing to do the dishes afterward in return.

    I keep in shape via working out at the gym... and of course working up a sweat in the bedroom has to count towards these hypothetical fitness goals, right?!?

    I love long walks on the beach, and riding bikes....with no seat...what else is there to say?!? I never find myself without things and activities to keep me occupied.

  • Que voudriez-vous que vos lecteurs sashent sur vous qui est unique et même un peu personnel?

    Though I'm still very new to this line of work, I seem to be well suited for the rigors and challenges thus far. I'm empathetic and intuitive to each client, listening/observing clients and then adjusting to better provide whatever is desired or required of me. Maybe a better way to say it is that when my clients are turned on by me, THAT gets me hot and bothered. Seeing the look on a man's face when he realizes ALL the fun that can be had with a person like me who has this empathic sexuality makes me hard just thinking about it.

  • Qu'est-ce que les autres devraient absolument savoir sur vous?

    I'm smart and knowledgable about many things, perceptive of people and the little things they can't yet see about themselves, and I'm also fantastically funny but to a distracting degree. So I can talk to anyone about anything (except sports and mathematics), and also give insightful bits of advice that will change your life for the better, but you'll probably forget most of that life changing advice because you'd still laughing days later at some joke I told you about lesbian horse diets, or a stupid comment I might have made about the strange similarity between Michael Jackson and fish eggs.

    Which is that Michael Jackson and caviar both come/cum on white crackers…(cue rim shot) Hey-Oh!!! 😁💦😈

  • Qu'est-ce que vous aimez le plus chez vous?

    I enjoy the rare perspective of having a rare family trait called megalocornea (BIG EYES, with hardly any white left on the sides); a physical attribute that once was the bane of my existence and the root of some of my insecurities. But as I grew up, my face and head finally started to catch up to my huge "jeeper-creeper peepers". With my face more in balance (sorta), that bad attribute became a blessing that is commented on often in my daily life. But now their comments come as praises and positive remarks.

    J-Lo had a similar situation with her butt; from bane to blessing. I think it's a unique perspective that makes me feel grateful for those hard times, and humble when guys swoon over "Betty Davis eyes".

    PS- Guinness World Records has measured them and at the time my eyes were 2nd in America and 7th in the world in size...and you know what they say about "large eyes"...

    Large contacts...